Michael Trautman has his HEAD IN THE CLOUDS. Where else would he come up with the inspired looniness that he presents in his solo theater performance? HEAD IN THE CLOUDS is Michael’s full evening show, lasting up to 90 minutes with an intermission, the show is comprised of Mr. Trautman's finest works developed over a career spent performing and touring around the world. From his signature clown routine revolving around far too many things to do with ping-pong balls to his latest character creation KING PONG; from his manic run-in with the IRS to his humorous and deeply touching story about the keys collected throughout the lifetime of a gracefully aging grandfather, Michael brings a delightful array of eccentric characters to life in a theater performance that is not to be missed. Inspired by the developing mediums of film and television still in the hands of vaudeville and variety artists, Mr. Trautman has embraced a style of performance that requires an artist to hone the associated physical skills that most effectively astonish audiences in live performance.

HEAD IN THE CLOUDS is directed by Robert Post. Mr. Post is a current Lincoln Center Fellow, an alumnus of the Affiliate Artists program and has toured his one-man performance to forty-five US states, Canada, Mexico and Japan. Since 1994, Post's work has been seen across the US and in Canada on national television (PBS) in an award-winning special, Robert Post – In Performance.Post Comedy Theatre was presented by Broadway's internationally acclaimed New Victory Theater to rave reviews and sold out houses. In addition to his touring Post has helped direct various theatre and dance productions including Cinderella, Coppelia and The Nutcracker for BalletMet Columbus as well as theater productions of Noises Off and Urinetown.

Mr. Trautman's Repertoire:

KING PONG - KING PONG is the premier ping pong propulsion target shooter on the planet. Performing astounding target shooting tricks without the use of a gun, KING PONG spits ping pong balls with incredible accuracy. It’s an act you have truly never seen before!

BUBBLEGUM - Mom said: "Don't play with your food!" "Don't put any more of that in your mouth." and "If you swallow that, it'll stay in your stomach until you die!" What haven't kids done with their gum?

I FLY - I always dreamed of flying. I still do. Maybe I can't really, but you'll believe in the magic of flight after seeing this routine.

RUDY, THE TRAINED FLY - Michael's version of the ancient physical comedy routine draws the viewer in, and sometimes onto the stage, often leaving them muttering "I was acting just like it was a real fly!"

BALLOON - Mom always said: "You could put your eye out with that thing!" ANY thing. Even a balloon.

KEYS - A story that seems so familiar. Your grandfather probably told you one just like it.

TAXES - A masked everyman vs. the IRS. What do all those forms really ask of us?

THE WEDDING - What can a clown do with a kazoo and a few animal balloons? Be afraid, be very afraid.

SAWMILL - Michael's signature clown routine breaks as many rules as possible in one act. Centered on a character that engages and invites the audience to enter the unsteady and unpredictable world of his sick imagination. The clown is an angel who has forgotten how to fly. He is innocence and worldliness at once. Although rooted to the earth, he has the ability to make souls soar. He is a poet of movement, a juggler of words. He comes to you and shows his foibles, his fears, his failings – and in his moment of failure – he flies.

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