“A one-man tour de force of ping-pong manipulation.” - Review, Burlington, VT, FREE PRESS

Michael Trautman is recognized as one of the leading Variety Artists in the world. Since 1977 he has been touring and performing around the world, including appearances in 48 States, 9 Canadian Provinces, tours of Japan, Korea, China, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Switzerland, and Central and South America. KING PONG’S PING PONG RODEO is a truly unique variety show. Using his vast array of talents and skills, Michael, aka KING PONG, performs Magic, Juggling, Audience Participation, and the only target-shooting, ping-pong-spitting act in the world. When he was a young man, Michael lacked athletic ability, but he had a ping-pong table in his basement which led to his earliest success as the ping-pong champion of his high school gym class. His life-long love affair with the ubiquitous bouncing ball began then, and has now blossomed into a full blown obsession. Michael has decided that his artistic media is the tiny plastic orb. He has dedicated himself to discovering as many uses for it as can be created. KING PONG’S PING PONG RODEO only shows you those ideas which have been proven noteworthy. There are MANY other possibilities that have been explored, rejected, or are not yet suitable for public consumption. Don’t worry, he will share those when they are ready.

KING PONG! It’s not what you would expect-orate!